Melissa Swan


Opportunity is not something that has not come easily to me. As a first generation American; nurtured by Caribbean parents (and raised my mother and all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles), I was raised to understand that although certain things were going to seem impossible, there was a massive difference in seeming and actually being. From an early age, I learned to appreciate the value of education and the importance to create my own opportunities. I came to realize that education is the greatest equalizer... But, there is glaring inequity in education.

Thus,  Company Burg. This encompasses what I wished I had when I was young: House of Houston, inspired by the need for more woman of color to be recognized by society. Company Burg Prep (C.B. Prep), a place educators who want to implement more equitable lessons. C.B. Prep is also for anyone who wants to read insights from those in academia who strive to create a truly balanced system. LastNameSwan, where it all began: A teenage girl with dreams bigger than her stereotype who taught herself how to create graphic art, how to start a non-profit, and most of all, was fortunate enough to have had the access to do so.

Why did I start Co. Burg now? The pandemic of 2020 was my wakeup call; my catalyst. I cannot standby in continual preparation to reach the ideal version of myself, while my people continue to suffer. The "perfect moment" does not exist. There is only now.